2015 Wrap-Up & 2016 Reading Goals

A New Year and Many New Adventures!

Last year was quite a ride to say the least, but it all ended up great and something I can be grateful for. But well, let’s talk about books, my original reading goal for last year was 52 books, and I reached that in June or July which I didn’t expect at all. I ended up reading and finishing 91 books at the end of the year! I’ve never read this much in my entire life before, during a whole year, not even as much as I had set as my original reading goal for the year.

Last year I had kind of loose ”goals”, they were more like guidelines, for myself because I was just getting back into reading but I thought I’d share them with you all and check of which I managed to finish. Some of the goals are just ”Reading one book by a specific author” or ”read a book series/trilogy” or something like that, this was before I really knew what goals I really wanted to have, but it worked out okay anyway.

* Read 52 books ✔︎
* Participate in the Popsugar Reading Challenge ✔︎
* Read the Great Gatsby ✔︎
* Read Jane Eyre ✔︎
* Read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children ✔︎
* Read the last three books in the House of Night Series (I didn’t get to this one)
* Read Game of Thrones (I tried but I think I wasn’t up for reading Fantasy when I did so I put it down again)
* Read 2 Neil Gaiman books ✔︎ (Stardust and The Graveyard Book)
* Read the Legend Trilogy by Marie Lu ✔︎
* Read 3 books from the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge ✔︎
* Read the Percy Jackson series ✔︎
* Read a Rainbow Rowell book ✔︎ (ended up reading 3 of her books)
* Read Anna and the French Kiss Companion Trilogy by Stephanie Perkins ✔︎
* Read the three first books in the Outlander series ✔︎
* Read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone Trilogy (DNF’d the second book and don’t intend to finish these)

I finished 12 challenges out of 15 so I think I did really well.

For this year I have some more specific goals and some are kind of like challenges in themselves, this is going to be interesting.

* Read a total of 60 books
* Finish 6 series/trilogy’s
– Delirium (2 books left)
– The Darkest Minds (1 book left)
– House of Night series (3 books left)
– The Grisha Trilogy (2 books left)
– Penryn & the End of Days (1 book left)
– Red Rising (2 books left)
* Read at least 1 book written in verse
* Finish my 16 books in 2016 (separate post on this will be coming later this week)
* Finish a 2016 reading challenge – 52 books. I’m going to post a separate blog post about this later this week as well.
* Start 4 new series/trilogy’s
– Snow like Ashes by Sara Raash
– Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (I already read this)
– Falling Kingdom by Morgan Rhodes
– The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
* Read a book, buy a book – I can’t buy one book until I’ve read a book! This because I bought way to many books during 2015 that I haven’t read yet and I really need to just buy books I know I will read soon or during the year.
* Read at least 5 books in Swedish.

I really hope I can get to all of these and finish most them. I won’t be too hard on myself though, but I hope anyways.

I hope you liked this post and I’ll be posting at least tree more posts this week. Take care! 🙂



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