Books I want to REread in 2016

In my ”books I’ve read” bookshelf I have several (if not all) books I want to REread sometime soon or in the future. All the other books I know I won’t read again, have been taken down and I’m getting rid off. But there are a couple of books I know for sure I want to REread this year and I thought I might share them with you in this blog post.

First off I really, REALLY want to REread The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare. This is my favorite series by her and it’s been way to long since a read it the first time, almost exactly two years ago. I just want to read this trilogy again and had planned it last year but it never happened.

Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead. I read this series last year and loved it more than I thought I might. And since I watched the movie adaptation of Vampire Academy a couple of days ago I got the urge to pick it up right away. But since I’m in the middle of reading a few books already I want to finish before going into anything else, it’s got to wait a little longer.

Thirdly I’d love to REread Forbidden by Syrie & Ryan M. James. Since I read this book for the first time in 2014 I have REread it once, last year. I still love it and I really want, or rather need to read it again. I think this is one of those books I think I’m going to read once every year, just because I love it so much.

Then there are a few books I think I might need to read just because I want to finish some series I’ve started and can’t really remember the what the first book was about and stuff.. Here are some of them: Delirium by Lauren Oliver, Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo, Darkest Minds and Never Fade by Alexandra Bracken (these I also want to REread, not just need to read) and Destined by P. C. and Kristin Cast.

There might be some other books I want to reread during the year, a few contemporaries at least, but I haven’t planned on it. In that case it would be one or two Morgan Matson books, maybe a Stephanie Perkins one, I’ve also been thinking a lot about All the Bright Places lately, maybe I need to read it again this year too. Well, let’s just say that I have quite a few books I want to get to again this year.

I hope you liked this post. If there’s anything special you’d like to see in this blog, just leave me a comment and I’ll think about it! 🙂 Take care!



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