What I Want to Read in March | 2016

I don’t usually do TBR’s since I’m such a mood reader, but since I’m obviously in a Psychological Thriller mood at this moment and don’t want to pick up anything else, I have a few books I want to get to this month.

I’m currently reading You by Caronline Kepnes, which I know I’m going to finish in a few days. So far it’s just ok, but I hope it will get better.

Then I’m going to pick up Paganinikontraktet (or The Nightmare in English) by Lars Kepler, which I’ve had on my shelves for quite some time now and really need to get to soon. I have no clue what this book is about really and I want to get into it without knowing too much.

After that I really don’t know what to pick up. I’m thinking about The Poet by Michael Connelly, or maybe Camilla Läckbergs Lejontämjaren (which isn’t a psychological thriller but still). Or I might try to pick up Storm Front by Jim Butcher since it is about a detective, even thought it is supposed to be paranormal somehow. We’ll just have to see. Both of them seem quite interesting though.

If this psychological thriller mood is going to stay I may need to get some new books in that genre. Or I have to be content with all the other tamer crime books I own, just so I have something to read this month. But hopefully I will be out of this mood soon so I can read all he books I bought in January and February too.

This was a short one, but I hope you liked it anyways. See you 🙂



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