25 Bookish Facts About Me | Tag | 2016

So, I’ve seen this tag on booktube for a few weeks now and just during this past week several booktubers has posted it on their channels. I thought I’d do this one as well even though I haven’t been tagged by anyone. I just thought it would be fun and for my readers, you, to get to know me a little better.

  1. I’m a mood reader. I can’t read something just for the sake of reading, which can be a huge problem sometimes.
  2. I’m never, ever going to read a book about cancer. I just can’t do it, I have tried and I just can’t.
  3. I have only ever listened to 1 audio book in my life. I have tried listening to a bunch but it’s just not for me.
  4. I judge a book by its cover. If a book doesn’t have an appealing cover, I won’t buy it.
  5. I read e-books a lot faster than physical books. I don’t know how or why, but that’s how it is.
  6. I never eat or drink while reading. It’s simply not what I do.
  7. I have a real hard time reading with noise in the background, no matter what that noise is.
  8. The first time I was spoiled for a book was while I was reading Cinder for a thing that happens in Scarlet but affects the love story line in Cinder.
  9. I hate cover changes (almost) above everything else. I won’t start/buy a series if the covers don’t match in the cover I want.
  10.  I read Carrie by Stephen King and hated it. I haven’t read a book by him since (unless you count books by Richard Bachman) and I don’t know if I ever will.
  11. The most wonderful smell in the world is the ”musty-old-book” smell.
  12. I don’t like hardcover books all that much and really prefer waiting for the paperbacks to be released.
  13. I love the trade paper paperbacks (the floppy ones) and prefer them if they are available.
  14. The first book I read a book under 24 hours was last summer (2015) and it was Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins (read it even under 14 hours if I remember correctly)
  15. I have only ever permanently DNF’d 3 books in my life.
  16. I can’t stop reading in the middle of a chapter without feeling anxious.
  17. During 2009 I read Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer (my favorite book in the twilight saga) 7 times.
  18. There’s only 3 movie adaptions of books I actually love, from books I’ve read (Tuck everlasting, Vampire Academy and the Perks of Being a Wallflower).
  19. Sometimes I can sit in front my bookcase for hours, pick up books, read the first sentence, flip through them and put them back. Simply give all my books some love.
  20. I never get embarrassed in public while reading a book, no matter the book.
  21. I have never doggy-eared a book page in my life for the sake of using it as bookmark.
  22. I love mass market paperbacks.
  23. I read the Percy Jackson series for the first time at age 26.
  24. Before I could read by myself (and even after that) my mom used to read to me and my brother, that stopped when I was about 10 or so (I don’t know why) and I continued reading on my own.
  25. (continued from number 24) The first ever book I read on my own was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in Swedish.

That was all for this post. I hope you liked it. Take care 🙂



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