March Wrap-Up | 2016

So, this month I was in a mystery/thriller mood, and read a few of them, I actually read more children’s books than mystery/thriller ones, I think I’m getting over that genre by now, it feels like it anyway. Well, anyway, all in all I read 8 books this month, or rather seven books and one novella. Here we go.

  • You by Caroline Kepnes
    I had really high expectations for this book since I’ve heard so many good things around the internet. I was hoping for it to be creepy and to have me sitting biting my nails or something. But I don’t know, it wasn’t. Sure, it was creepy and all because of what it’s about, but it didn’t do it for me, not really. I can’t put my finger on what it was that didn’t work, but it fell flat in so many ways. I gave this book 3 1/5 stars.
  • Welcome to the Shadowhunter Academy by Cassandra Clare
    I have been hesitant to reading these novellas from the shadowhunter world because I really had no idea what they would be about, but I read this first one anyway, and I liked it a lot. You see more about Simon since it’s about him, and he has been my favorite character from the start (what I remember anyways) and in the TV-series, he’s definitely my favorite character. So it was really fun reading about him, and I will read the rest of the novellas as well. I gave this novella 4 stars.
  • Paganinikontraktet by Lars Kepler (The Nightmare in English)
    This wasn’t my favorite mystery/thriller book I’ve read to be honest. I don’t really like reading about politics and especially not about arms trade and all that. In all I love the writing, but the story, not so much. 3 stars.
  • Girl on the train by Paula Hawkins
    I got in to this book really not knowing what this book was going to be about, except that the main character was a drunk who couldn’t remember what happened the night a girl disappears. I liked the way the story was unfold bit by bit throughout the book with pieces coming together and the main character trying to find the truth. But.. the story was slow, really slow at times and it dragged on quite a bit toward the end. 3 1/5 stars.
  • Pippi Longstocking, the first book (in Swedish) by Astrid Lindgren
  • Pippi goes on board, the second book (in Swedish) by Astrid Lindgren
  • Pippi in the South Seas, the third and final book (in Swedish) by Astrid Lindgren
    After reading some mystery/thrillers (read a few last month too), I was craving some children’s book and had been wanting to get in to some Astrid Lindgren so I went to the library and checked out 6 books. These three were the first ones I read. I Love Astrid’s writing and the stories in all her books. I can’t remember reading these as a child even though my mom said she surely did, well, i can’t remember anyways. And I love the TV-series and movies as well, the books are very similar to the books except that some of the stories are mashed together and stuff like that. All in all, I loved all three of these books and gave them these ratings: 4 stars for the first two and 4 1/5 stars for the third.
  • Emil in the Soup Tureen by Astrid Lindgren (in Swedish) (I think it’s the right title for the book in English)
    The last book I read this month was also an Astrid Lindgren book. I liked the TV-series a lot when I was a kid and I actually think the series was better than the book. The stories weren’t as funny even though they were quite funny to be honest. I think to have to think a little bit about this one before writing anything more. But I gave it 3 1/5 stars anyways.

That was it for this month. My next post will be next months TBR. I hope you liked this one. Take care! 🙂



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