September Wrap-Up | 2016

September was a really good month, even though I had plenty to do I read 8 books and started a 9th, which is kind of the same amount I have gotten done during June and July too.


  • 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell
    I have mixed feelings about it. I mean, it was a cute story and all, but there were a couple of things that just didn’t work for me, like it didn’t feel like Leah’s feelings toward Toby even existed, I never once felt like she had feelings for him. But I liked all the POV’s and stories told throughout the book, 3,5 stars.
  • Until Friday Night by Abbi Glines
    This has been one of the most emotional reads in my life, it was a roller-coaster of happiness and bawling, but I liked it. I loved the main story more than I thought I would even though it was kind off an insta-love story. Before I found out that this is a series I thought there were too many loose ends, but since there is and are going to be more books I assume that these loose ends will be resolved in the end. 4,5 stars.
  • I’ll Meet You There by Heather Demetrios
    It was a great story, I really liked it. But sometimes it got a bit boring and dragging, and I couldn’t really relate to any of the main characters problems, but it was still good and I loved the story between Skylar and Josh and how everything came together in the end. 4 stars.
  • The Distance Between Us by Kasie West
    This was seriously one of the perfect contemporary books I’ve ever read, sometimes I laughed so hard I thought I might cry, I felt really connected with Caymen and her sarcastic nature, It almost felt like I was reading about myself sometimes. I loved it. Didn’t think this would happen since I wasn’t a fan of The Fill-In Boyfriend, this deserved 5 stars for sure, since it had everything, and I mean everything.
  • The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord
    As most of the contemporaries I’ve read during the summer this was just as cutsie. But I still have mixed feelings about it. The language wasn’t at all what I thought 16 year old’s would have, it was a more mature language that probably fit 18-19 year old’s instead. The story in itself was great, but unfortunately a little boring to be honest, and I was a little disappointed in the ending since we only got the start of Paige and Max and a bunch of e-mails from their summer apart, I mean what the heck? Not cool. First I wanted to give this book a 3 star rating, but changed it when I looked back a bit and looked at the whole picture, I changed the rating to a 4 star one.
  • When We Collided by Emery Lord
    This book had been a much better story without the romance between the main characters. I didn’t really get why it was there in the first place. But the story as a whole was good either way. I liked how the author portrayed bipolar disorder, it felt  real. 3,5 stars.
  • One Hundred Pieces of Me by Lucy Dillon
    Oh my, where to begin. This has become one of my favorite books of this year for sure. It’s a very big book, but it didn’t bother me as it usually does, I did fly through it and it didn’t feel at all like it was dragging on for no reason. Everything in this book was there for a reason. I cried, I laughed and even though it ended with an open ending it did feel like an beginning to the end, I didn’t want to know what happened after the book ended because I knew the main character would be fine no matter what happened. 5 solid stars.
  • Partials by Dan Wells
    I loved this books. It was never a boring read and there was always something going on, fast paced and action packed. I can’t wait until I can get my hands on the two last books in this trilogy. 4 solid stars.

I also started Seige and Storm by Leigh Bardugo but didn’t finish it in September, and I have finished it by this point.

October will be even busier so I’m not sure I’ll be able to read as much as I’ve done the entire summer,but hey, as long as I get some books read during the month, everything’s okay. See ya soon 🙂



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