Winter Book Haul | 2017


So, this new thing I’m trying on my blog is a seasonal book haul instead of a monthly since I’m not buying as many books this year (read 5, buy 1 resolution). Although, I’m only counting January & February this year since the December book haul of last year is already up.

I can’t believe I didn’t buy a book all of January and about 3 weeks of February. For the past 2 years, I have bought books every single month, and it hasn’t been one or two books each month but about 5-10 every month. I think I’m having a book buying withdrawal of some kind since I’ve felt for the past three weeks or so the biggest urge ever, to buy books. But since I’ve been reading 5 to buy 1, I’ve been able to save some money and really thought about which books to buy next and which I want for my birthday which was in the end of February and what books to buy from the Huge book sale we have every year here in Sweden and all that jazz.

So, I didn’t buy any books at all until the last week or so of February.

In January and February, I read the total of 20 books, which means I could buy 4 books myself (but of course I cheated a little bit and decided to add the 4 books I had left from last years read 1, buy 1 resolution – see 2016 reading resolution wrap-up), and I’ve also sold 20 books so that’s four more books I can buy, 12 books in total I can buy.

Books I bought myself:

  • Leona – Tärningen är kastad by Jenny Rogneby (The Die is cast in English)
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy by Stieg Larsson (in Swedish) which I really don’t count since I changed out my old set for this new one.
  • Allt jag inte minns by Jonas Hassen Khemiri (Everything I don’t remember in English)
  • Delicious by Roy Fares (Baking  recipes)
  • Smarta Sötsaker by Ulrika Hoffer (Baking  recipes)

I don’t know if I should count the two last books since they aren’t books for reading. I’m not counting The girl with the dragon tattoo since they were replacements for battered ones I already had. Which means I only bought 2 books really (four if I count the baking recipe books), and I have 10 (8) books left I can buy if I want too.

The rest of the books I’m going to add in my Spring BookHaul and Birthday Bookhaul since I don’t have them yet.



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