Spring Book Haul | 2017


So, this new thing I’m trying on my blog is a seasonal book haul instead of a monthly since I’m not buying as many books this year (read 5, buy 1 resolution). Although, So, in this post I’m going through what I bought in March, April and May.

5th of Marsh
So, I went a bit rough during the huge February book sales we have here in Sweden every year. I bought 8 books just from the sale in the beginning of mars.

During the first weekend of mars my mom and I went into town for some book shopping and just walk around, it was a lot of fun. I knew I was going to get a few books from the sale, but also which books I wanted to get for my birthday money I got from my parents, these I’ve already shared in my Birthday book haul post in March. So we went to my favorite bookstore where I got two of the three books on sale that I wanted, the third was out of stock. These two books were:

2017-03-11 16.46.39

  • Dorothy must die stories, vol. 2 by Danielle Page – Got it for around $4 instead of about $12 in paperback
  • Conjuror by John & Carole Barrowman – Got this book for around $7, originally around $22, hardback

After we were done at this store we went to the maybe biggest bookstore in Scandinavia, and I got a few books from there too. There was one book I really wanted to get but it was out of stock everywhere, so I haven’t had the chance to get it, I’m going to another store in the same store chain and hope they have it in. The books I got this time from the sale was:

2017-03-11 16.45.46

  • Written in my own hearts blood by Diana Gabaldon for about $4 instead of around $15.
  • Lyckan i det lilla by  Ernst Kirchsteiger (happiness in the little things) for about $6 instead of at least $22
  • Maggans lilla starksköra by Maggan Hägglund (about being  strong and brittle at the same time – has to do with being Highly Sensitive) for about $5 instead of around $18

8th of March
So, I was bad. I just ordered 2 more books for myself, one on sale and one that wasn’t, I paid full price for that one. All of them are in Swedish without English titles:

2017-03-15 17.46.20

  • Pensionatet vid världens ände by Camilla Davidsson (bought it hardback since I only have it in mass market paperback and I love this series so much that I want all books in hardback) – got this for around $7 instead of $19
  • Den sovande spionen by Camilla Grebe &  Paul Leander-Engström – The third and final book in a trilogy, in hardback – paid full price for this one.

14th of March
Wow, just bought 3 more books off the sale, since there was a 30% of the sale price I just couldn’t resist:

2017-03-15 17.46.53.jpg

  • Hjärtat i vår vänskap by Anna Gavalda (Billie is the English title) sale price was about $7, and 30% of that
  • Livet, motorcyklar och andra omöjliga projekt by Katarina Bivald (no English title available), sale price was about $7, and 30% of that.
  • Elva dagar i Berlin by Håkan Nesser (no English title available) sale price was about $7, and 30% of that

25th of March
So, going to second-hand shops and immediately finding the book corners aren’t ultimate if you are having a book-buying goal. I went with my family for an outing and found two books I’ve been looking for. I got both of them for about $1,50.

2017-03-27 22.53.29

  • Ten little niggers by Agatha Christie. I really wanted the book with the original title and found it.
  • Det som inte dödar oss by David Lagercrantz, the fourth book in the Millenium series (originally by Stieg Larsson) (English title: The Girl in the Spider’s Web)

April 29th
So, my mom and I went to the next town over to visit a second-hand shop to look for some books that we were missing from a series. We did find them (but they belong to mom so they’re not in this haul). I found four other books I have been looking for, my mom was kind enough to get them for me, all in Swedish and in paperback, but still. Three of them are part 3-5 of a series I own the first two books of and the fourth book I got is the fourth book in the Joona Linna series by Lars Kepler. So the books I got was:

2017-05-06 21.53.37

  • Svek by Karin Alvtegen (Betrayal in English)
  • Skam by Karin Alvtegen (Shame in English)
  • Skugga by Karin Alvtegen (Shadow in English)
  • Sandmannen by Lars Kepler (The Sandman in English)

May 7th

I only bought 1 book this month, which is really good for being me, since, well, I know myself.

I found the third book, Änglarna Dansar i Gryningen, in the Vintergatans Alla Sjärnor by Camilla Davidsson series in hardback online, on sale. So I just had to. And since it’s a replacement for a paperback it doesn’t count as a bought book, not really ^^. Oh how I love that cover!

2017-05-22 21.59.45

May 16th

So, I did… something, yeah let’s just call it that, something. Facebook sells pages for books are bad, especially when you find books you’ve wanted to read for years. So, yeah, I got 12 books.

The first two books, from a separate seller than the other ones, were:

2017-05-21 10.22.47

  • Nevermore by Kelly Creagh
  • Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

Then I got 10 other books from the second seller:

2017-05-26 18.20.17

  • Going Too Far by Jennifer Echols
  • Impulse by Ellen Hopkins
  • Memoires of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin
  • Lock & Key by Sarah Dessen
  • Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin
  • Two-Way Street by Lauren Barnholdt
  • Just Listen by Sarah Dessen
  • This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
  • Dark Visions by L J Smith
  • DUFF by Kody Keplinger

This haul threw everything about my book buying resolution I made in the beginning of this year, to hell since I wasn’t supposed to bu a book until I read five and I could buy 2 books, not 12, but I also read more than 5 books in May, so I need to read 45 books before I ca buy anymore. But that probably won’t last long if I know myself correctly, lol.

Well, that’s all for the Spring Book Haul. Read on 🙂



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