May Wrap-Up | 2017

I would say this has been one of the better reading months since January. I managed to read 11 books, sure there was a novella, a collection of novellas and two mangas, but I’m happy either way. And I’ve read quite a variation of genres as well, which I’m more than happy about.

2017-06-09 09.55.10

  • The Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson
    This was one of the better books I read this year. Even though I think it was very slow at times I didn’t want to stop reading it. The main character was badass, which I loved. The only thing bothering me was that I always kept guessing at who was who of the prince and assassin (I was wrong btw), but that was my own fault. 4,5 stars.
  • Sandmannen by Lars Kepler (English title: The Sandman)
    Not the best book in the Joona Linna series by Kepler. I was actually a bit disappointed after reading the 3rd book in February(?) which was so, so good! I was expecting creepy, eerie and crazy, but that wasn’t what I got, unfortunately. I mean, I still liked it a lot as with the other books by Kepler, but I just had too high hopes after reading the 3rd book. 3,5 stars.
  • This Savage Song by V E Schwab
    It was a good enough book, it wasn’t what I was expecting and a bit too slow most of the story for my taste. The writing was of course exquisite. I liked the story enough and the characters, though I didn’t really care about the female lead, I don’t even remember her name. So yeah, don’t know if I’m going to read the sequel to this duology, I’ll just have to wait and see. 3,5 stars.
  • The Vile Village by Lemony Snicket
    One of the better books in the series so far, but not my favorite. I actually enjoyed this book more than I thought I would even though I still wanted to strangle some of the characters, as with almost all the other characters. 4 stars.
  • Alex (Delirium novella at the end of Requiem) by Lauren Oliver
    2017-06-04 22.22.09
    Don’t know really what I was expecting but it was a good enough novella telling what happened between the first and second(?) book in the Delirium trilogy. Most of it I’d already guessed at and it wasn’t really a necessary story. 3 stars.
  • Delirium Stories (Delirium novellas) by Lauren Oliver
    I liked this novella collection which tells three different stories about three different characters from the Delirium trilogy. I also liked the extra content at the end of the book, such as the list of Banned literature, and also the test: ”What kind of Fighter are you?”, they were very entertaining together with the novellas. I’ve rated the novellas individually and given the collection a ”total” rating. The total rating for this collection is 4 stars.
    Hana – 3 stars. I’ve never really cared about Hana as a character and didn’t really care about this novella at all.
    Annabell – 4,5 stars. It was very interesting reading about Lena’s mother and her journey. I liked it a lot.
    Raven – 4 stars. I haven’t really cared about Raven either but it was interesting to read the parts about where she came from and how she got to be a part of the resistance.
  • Deathnote Vol 1 by Tsugumi Ohba
    I didn’t know what to expect of this. I mean, I’ve seen an episode or so of the Anime but it was so long ago I couldn’t even remember almost any of it. I liked the story and it was an easy and interesting read. 4 stars.
  • Scottish Ghosts by Lily Seafield
    Meh. It was an okay book telling you about the different haunted places and ghosts in Scotland, as well as other creatures like fairies for example. I had thought it would be more of a ”fairy tale” book with stories and stuff but it was only a lot of facts and it dragged on for the entire book. Some of the stories were good enough to continue reading the book but I skipped all the intro texts after a new chapter was presented because I just couldn’t get through them. At the end of it all I couldn’t continue reading the book but included it here since I got almost halfway through the book. DNF’d at around 40%, 1,5 stars.
  • Deathnote Vol 2 by Tsugumi Ohba
    It’s starting to get really interesting. I’m really enjoying this story so far, It’s too bad I don’t have the rest of the books or at least the next two books. I gave this one 4,5 stars.
  • The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot
    2017-05-23 21.40.22I was very surprised by this book, it wasn’t at all what I expected, in a very god way. I’ve seen the movie more times than I can count, but I could actually see this as its own book, without a movie based on it. It was so clever and witty and with a strong female character I could see myself in. I loved it so much and couldn’t help but give it 5 stars.
  • Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
    I was happily surprised when I finished this book. I actually didn’t have very high expections for some reason. But I’m definitely going to continue this series since I really want to know how it will go. 4,5 stars.


Goals Update:

  • I read 11 books, so I’ve read 36 books in total this year and have 4 books left to read to reach my goal of 40.
  • Read 1 books in Swedish. I’ve now read 4 books and 1 left to reach the goal of 5.
  • I’ve bought 13 books in May.
  • I finished 0 series this month, so I’m still at needing to finish 5 series to finish my yearly goal.
  • I read 8 books off my TBR list that I haven’t bought this year and 3 that I did get this year. So from last months 116 books on my TBR I went down to 103 TBR books, and since I got 13 books I went up to 114 instead.
  • I didn’t read a single Classic, so I’m still at 4 to read to finish the goal.
  • I read 0 books of the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge. My goal was to read 5 this year, so I still have 4 books to read to finish this goal.

That’s it for the month of May. Let’s see how June will be like. Read on 🙂



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