About Me

So, this is the place where I’m supposed to talk about myself and tell total strangers about who I am and stuff, that’s crazy. Lol.

Well, ok.

Hi there dear stranger reader!
My name is Sanja and I’m 27 years young. As all other book bloggers and BookTubers I love everything concerning books; reading them, smelling them, feel them up (yes, I’m that kind of person), and also to buy them of course. I can sit in front of my bookcase for a loong time just looking at them, feeling them and also read a little bit before putting them down again, especially if I can’t decide which book I want to read at the moment, which seems to happen more often than I would like.

Here’s some more info about me:
* I live in Stockholm (or outside of Stockholm really), in Sweden.
* I have roots in Finland and I have some relatives there as well.
* I am an introvert and I am also a Highly Sensitive Person – HSP (which makes my reading a kind of escape from all the heavy stuff in reality, a really enjoyable escape) and it’s a reason why I cry a lot, about most things in books, and in reality to be honest, It’s not something I can help.
* I do love movies and TV-series as well, and some say I watch too much off it (is there something called too much TV and movies? I didn’t know that)
* I write. Yes, I write, mostly books that ends up in my desk drawer, but some day I am sure I will get publish, even if I self-publish. This will happen.
* I’m a total list-oholic (there’s nothing better than writing a good list)
* Music is also a huge part of my life, mostly Metal of (almost) all kinds, favorite genre is definitely melodic death metal.
* I am a total nerd and I’m not afraid to admit it! – Marvel, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Batman (<3) and so on and so forth.
* I’m not a spine cracker myself, but i  L O V E  buying second hand books with cracked spines, don’t ask me why ^^

Questions? No? If so, don’t hesitate to contact me. OK, this is it for the About Me part of the Blog. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it ^^



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